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As of October 3, 2023, Spice of Life Organics has closed its online shopping function.
You can still order via email or call in your order:
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We apologize for any inconvenience
P.S. You can still enjoy the recipes!

Welcome to Spice of Life Organics

  It is here where your journey to fresh, real and outstanding spices, herbs and blends begins.


All of our spices and blends now come in a special food grade tin with an easy screw on lid! You are now able to use your fingers within its wide open mouth to ‘pinch’ just the right amount of spice you desire.

Taste's The Limit

We offer 18 different handcrafted blends along with many of the staple herbs that you are familiar with. All that we offer is top-notch, both in flavor and quality so that your food will never taste the same again.  

Product Categories



In our baking pantry we have many organic spices to make you salivate for luscious baked goods.



All flavor & no fillers; you’ll be reaching for your favorite blend for any style or region of cooking with our wholesome blends.


A world of peppers are presented to your taste, whether mild Paprika or mega hot Bird’s Eye Chilies.



Use them whole or ground our seeds bring the flavors of the world to your table.


Salts, Salts, Salts. We offer quite a variety of organic salts from a smoked Kiawe to a wonderful French Mediterranean.


There is nothing like having fresh, organic and high quality herbs at your fingertips year round. Come take a peek.

Your Journey Begins

Come take a walk with us on this journey of culinary flavors.

All Flavor no Fillers

Spices, herbs and blends are all about flavor enhancement. Why take that away? No fillers, never and no way!

Tin is In!

We have chosen a special food grade tin to package in for freshness and reusability. Refill the tins or recycle them.

Better than "Authentic"

Flavor that is rich and full and what is wholesomely intended. Good food, is good no matter what your culture.

Organic but Not Expensive

Organic, without the “organic” price tag. Just because it is good shouldn’t mean you can’t afford it.

Small Batches of LOVE

Small batches made with love and a passion for quality & flavor. Love that is measurable!

Find 'em and Grind 'em, Baby!

Whether they get a light toasting or a cool grind, seeds and peppercorns are respected during preparation.

Recipes Galore

This is where our spices meet the food and where your taste buds will be wonderfully assaulted!

Specialty Salts

We offer 5 different salts ranging from a Red Alaea to the brilliantly pink Himalayan. These salts are rich in minerals and are good for culinary, seasoning meats and preserving.