Spice of Life Organics

Spices are our passion!

This is My Story

Let me introduce myself. My name is Caprice Becker and spices are my passion!

What made me do this?
I began this culinary travel by wondering what was in the food I ate off the shelf in the store. I decided to start bringing into my home quality organic herbs and spices. With the first meal my hubby wanted to know what I did different to our spaghetti sauce. Same ingredients, but organic and fresher.

Like all good things, I shared my findings with my friends and colleagues, who also couldn’t believe the difference from “off the shelf” goods. Many asked for specialty blends while I was crafting my own to use in my normal cooking. Soon my orders jumped from 5 pounds, to ten, to 30 etc. Folks found out that it transformed their cooking.

If you carefully chose your meat and vegetables, why not add the best seasonings to enhance your cooking? I want to encourage folks to eat at home with healthy ingredients. Your journey to broaden your cooking horizons starts here.

Our Recent Additions

Two New Blends
OOH Mommy - Umami BlendMontana Magic - Hot Cocoa Mix

So, the Bella Vida is like Italian seasoning but fresher and spicier. (She puts a touch of red pepper). The Grunion is dried onion and dried garlic…I use it all the time on meat or pizza.

Brenda Myers

Just enjoyed a steak with the Texas Trouble rubbed in! It was perfect!! Thanks for the seasonings! Can’t wait for chicken tomorrow with Luso Rooster!! You definitely have a gift for spice!

Granny Smith

Thank you for the spices, I am looking forward to using them to make pumpkin pie, quince paste and the poultry seasoning on our meat birds! I will be getting more spices from you!!!

Christine Johnson