Butter is something that any home cook takes for granted. Just always keep it on hand and enjoy it in baking, sautéing and even roasting. Though I mostly use olive oil in my cooking, butter is my “must have” luxury.

Lately my daughter and I have been noticing how expensive butter was creeping up to be. She knows my love of cheese making and we thought, why not butter? With so much going on, the idea was shelved. Then I saw a hand crank churn in the Garder’s Supply catalog. The “Making Better Butter” scheme took hold once again.

Like all exploring home cooks, I went on line finding the ups & downs for making butter. They made it sound easy as get a jar, pour in cream and shake 3 minutes and you get whipped cream and just a couple of minutes more you have BUTTER!

Not really having a natural inclination for patience, that 3 minute mark was pushing my limit in shaking the pint. Thankfully there was a good football game on and a phone call and I kept at it. As promised, after a while (maybe the near eternity of 5 minutes) the sloshing stopped. The cream went silent. I didn’t peek in, but the directions said it was now whipped cream. I kept on shaking and after another couple of minutes it starting sloshing around again. My dear hubby saw me waining and picked up the jar and kept shaking. After another 5 to 7 minutes we began seeing streaks of yellowy butter clinging magically to the side with a milky cloud swirling like a conjurer’s mist around it. Yet, the shaking continued.

My long phone call ended and I relived my auxiliary shaker and opened the jar to see the buttermilk and the butter. I poured the whole dairy in a colander to drain away. The butter turned out soft like margarine, but I’ve had the cream at room temperature for about 6 hours as directed. They did caution to get rid of as much buttermilk as possible for longer lasting butter. This butter should last 10 days to 2 weeks.

Of course I licked my fingers during clean up and transferring the butter to a container for the fridge. It has got to be the tastiest sweet cream butter ever. I realized I forgot the optional salt, but really didn’t miss it.

Cost wise… yep, that was where I started, the organic cream at the local store cost $2.47 ea. Though I didn’t weigh it, it seems like I got nearly a pound from 2 small whipped cream cartons! Same store has organic butter for $10.17 per pound. Though it may keep longer, but tasting this good, chances our homemade butter won’t sit on the shelf! I can easily see myself making butter on Sundays every couple of weeks. Oh yeah…. making naan bread with the buttermilk and it is rising now. Hot fresh naan, with fresh butter with some sort of dinner. Making it from scratch you have a tasteful sense of accomplishment!