Oregano, with its close friend Basil, have been a culinary staple in my household in my earliest memories. Grandma had a huge plant in front of her home that she would regularly harvest and dry. So, at our home we’d always have an old yogurt container filled with this lovely fresh dried herb.

Oregano, to us, was a necessity in our Mexican dishes. Slow cooked beef shoulder would have Oregano simmering happily in it. Later it would be shredded and put into tacos which today folks call “carnitas”. Grandma’s tomato soup would have a generous sprinkle in it too. Hard to think of a savory dish that didn’t have a bit of that earthy herb lacing it.

My Mom learned Italian cooking from an native Italian neighbor. All of our marinara based dishes enjoyed a sprinkle of that ubiquitous herb as well.When I make pizza of any type, a sprinkle goes on top of the it before it hits the oven. Pasta Salad isn’t perfect without it, either! Yes, eggs and Oregano are also made for each other.

Today, it found it found its way into a few of my blends. Of course Bella Vida our healthy Italian blend shares a spot with Basil in it. Bella Vida is one of our no salt varieties too. Dancing Conchita Taco Seasoning has to have it. In fact when telling my Mom about the blend I created for Spice of Life she cautioned me that it better have Oregano in it, or it wouldn’t be right. “Of course, Mom, I didn’t forget the Oregano!” Another Southwestern blend of Texas Trouble derives an herbal note from Oregano. Moving Southeast to Gator Holler our Cajun blend has a warming sun note of it too.

The best compliment about the quality of the Oregano that I secure was from my tortilla making brother who remarked, “Most oregano when you use more of it, the dish tastes bitter. When I use more of your oregano, it tastes like more of oregano!” That is the finest compliment anyone could ask for!