A cutting board is something you use ever since you were allowed a “sharp knife” to help in the kitchen. Did you realize how important selecting the right board for the right job could be?

As far as materials go, the “non-porous” kind, aka plastic, or whatever, are the easiest to clean, but studies have shown that you really need to sanitize it well vs. wooden ones. Something about those old classic Butcher Blocks seem to be bacteria resistant with Bamboo leading the way.

For me beyond the sanitary concerns are the flavor concerns. Don’t you hate serving strawberry shortcake at the end of a dinner party only to realize that your strawberries carry an onion after taste? Ga-nasty!

I have 4 cutting boards. Here’s the way I slice it. The large wooden one is my “savory” board. I cut anything from mushrooms to cooked or cured meats on it. This is my “go to” board when making pizza. All the onions and garlic get a good chop. It is large enough to have out for making lunch time sandwiches or dinner burritos. I was fortunate to find this extra large one sat Bed, Bath & Beyond to slide into our home made cabinets for a great all purpose cutting board.

My next cutting board I use every morning for smoothy making. That is my wooden fruit board. No onion flavored strawberries for me! I’m a bit of a fruit bat and enjoy sliced apples, or even chop melon slices on this smaller board. It washes quickly and easily tucks back into a nearby drawer.

Granted I wish I had a larger composite board for raw meats. I guess I never got around to getting one. (Ha, good excuse to go kitchen shopping now!) I chose the small plastic type as you can give it a good scrub and get it in the sink easily too. I cut chicken breast in nice little cubes for stir fries, or prep a thick steak on it. Frankly, for larger raw meat prep I have a stainless steel plate for skinning chicken thighs before they get vacuum packed for the freezer.

Lastly, and the most fun, is this little bamboo cutting board I got for Christmas one year. I use this one for picnics. Yes, it is my little outdoor, easy carry cutting board for romantic cheese and bread times. It can be flipped from cutting onions for sandwiches, before you slice some strawberries.

So really in selecting a cutting board chose first of all for the sanitary level you need for clean up later. Next select for flavor cross over. I think with those basics you are good to go. Your next choice is for the right knife.


Keeping it Fresh & Real,