Yikes! Anyone who has cooked with fresh hot chilies knows the watering pain associated with the “I just touched the corner of my eye!” My grandmother told me early on how the get the sting out.

Though born in 1913, she knew that what gives the chilies heat are little barbs. That is why it is a good choice for defensive sprays. Guess what, something that most people have close at hand that also has little barbs in it is <em>hair</em>. She explained to me that the barbs in your hair catch the barbs on the chilies and pulls them from your eye.

That bit of knowledge was filed away in the “old wives tales” portal until I had the chance to try it. Sure enough it pulled the owie right out. My hubby when working with chilies would call me over and run my hair through his eye ball.

Yes, it does sound extreme, but when that happens to you, you’ll be desperate to try it. I do have to say, if the hair in question has hair spray or other product in it, best to run your risk with the chili peppers.