Cheese making is like having a baby. You like the idea, then during the process you doubt whether it was a good idea. Finally after the process you are amazed at the results and decide that you would like to do it again.
The first time I made cheese that during the learning curve I thought it was nuts and I would never do it again. The water bath method takes a LOT of purified water, many large pots. The cheese turned out really squeaky, but the flavor was good. I bought good quality organic whole milk too. However after a whey brine with the cheese rubbed with powdered Himalayan salt I was smitten!

The directions are pretty straight forward, but the main curdling ingredients aren’t something you keep in the pantry, unless you are going to or have made cheese. These are rennet & citric acid. I recently discovered that depending on the type of rennet, changes the flavor results of your cheese. Some rennets lend themselves to aged cheese and others for the fresher variety, like the mozzarella that I made today. Mozzarella is the “gateway” cheese to new makers. Read the Recipe HERE.