I’ve got to admit, it has been a while since we took our goods on the road. Life gets busy and have been enjoying our volunteering with the foreign officer program. However when our church announced a “Gift & Gourmet” event, we couldn’t pass it up!

Hubby did a fantastic job bringing up the stock levels of all the blends and getting them packaged. All that training has paid off!  During that time we had a flurry of new orders coming in and he has found a full time job. We love what we do and know that good food and cooking at home is the key for family time success.

At our church’s Gift Fair, it was fantastic to see old friends and meet knew ones. Due to the tins we are now putting out “whiffing” samples. It s a great opportunity to see and smell the product first hand. (We moved to tins to lighter shipping than glass being so far from our bottle supplier and our regular customers.) Having samples out we realize that the spices can easily speak for themselves.

After all, guess what the top seller was in this new market? Texas Trouble – hands down