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We offer you unique blends with unique names that can be used for whatever your mind can imagine. One customer told us that he even puts Dancing Conchita on his bacon!

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Place your order and come back often to check out our original recipes, or old favorites with a new twist. Spice of Life Kitchens has recipes from all points of the globe. Sweets to savories you can eat better when cooking it yourself.

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Do You Grow all of These?
As much as I love gardening, it is an eco impossibility to grow the variety that I offer in Northern California. I do offer California Bay and Rosemary that grows here though.
Do You Sell in Bulk?
Yes, if you want a pound or more, just ask. I can generally offer a great price. However you will have to plan ahead so I can add it to my next bulk order.
Are You Certified Organic?
I do source organically and buy my bulk stock only through reputable dealers that also have a chem lab. Freshness and flavor is HUGELY important. That includes contaminate free. Under the current FDA regulations GMOs cannot come under the “Certified Organic” label. So therefore all my stock is GMO free as well.
Are Your Spices Gluten Free?
Indeed they are! I even take precautions to avoid any cross contamination. The health of people that are gluten free is VERY important to me.

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