Peach Chips

  By Caprice    ,   

July 31, 2016

An unimaginable sweet, crispy and healthy snack made in your own kitchen! No added sugar or fat and just a light flick of salt. Too bad fresh peaches aren't in season all year around.

  • Prep: 30 mins
  • Cook: 12 hrs
  • Yields: 3/4 Quart of Dried Peaches


4 Cups thinly sliced Fresh Peaches

2 tsp. Mi Distinctive Tastes Cranberry Pear White Basalmic (

1 pinch of Red Alaea Salt


1Slice peaches thinly with a mandolin cutter for uniformity. If the peaches are larger and firm this should go pretty well. Canned absolutely won't work.

2Drizzle the basalmic and lightly toss.

3Do a little twizzle of Red Alaea or a good sea salt and toss lightly again.

4Put in food dryer set at 135º for 14 hrs. Chips should be crispy and crunchy. If still pliable give it a couple more hours.

5Remove immediate and seal in jar.

Could be used as a crumble on salads. Chances are that they will be eaten just as they are!