My postings and Farmer’s Market appearances had been very quiet this summer. We were busy packing and putting our home in Laytonville up for sale. I am a literally “born & bred” Californian through all my family’s travels, but we knew it was time to move on. 20 acres is no small feat to keep up in all weather. That and the legalization of pot changed our rural timber harvest/agriculture town to the new “Green Rush”. It just didn’t make sense to live so remote with California high taxes & fees. Out of all the states in the union we chose Texas.

San Antonio just seemed like the ideal location. South of tornados, North of Hurricanes, East of Desert and near a major airport. The company I work with has a hub here too. Next thing we know we realized long time friends live here as well. One thing I need to say is that Texas hospitality and friendliness is absolutely true. Folks are the most welcoming opened armed people. They would be quick to say they are Texans first and Americans second. What that comes out to is that you feel like family. When we tell people we’re new from California, they tell us “Great, we need more Texans!” They have a giddy up sense of humor and from the folks we met an honest streak that doesn’t seem to have an end. Fiscally, prices seem to be a 1/3 less than California and for military and vets, further discounts are offered, not just merely available. San Antonio is host to serious sized military bases. Many retirees are from the armed forces and simply stay. In 2013 San Antonio population was listed at 1.39 million.

One thing that I had heard about was San Antonio’s love for good food. That is a serious understatement with an absolute cornucopia of restaurants. I think within 5 miles you can find anything from sushi, Thai cuisine, Polish bakery, Tex Mex, fast food, smoke houses, smoothies and old fashioned burrito joints. We haven’t explored the other side of our neighborhood yet!

So where does Spice of Life fit in? Besides all the eating out, people love to explore healthy cooking in their homes. ¬†Kitchens seem to be the hearth of the home and ready to entertain and bless their guests. I’ve got my spices unpacked and organized and ready to open the pantry again! After the New Year I’ll be applying for my cottage food license. In California that was good to sell third party in my county. Here it is good throughout the state! I’m not sure where my hobby passion will take me, but I’ll keep following the trail and sharing “Fresh & Real” small batch goodness.

Meanwhile, ya’ll ready for Christmas cookin’? Spice of Life is back to business!